A Very Supernatural Map of United States

Uh… This is purely out of boredom. In welcome of the Season 6 of CW show Supernatural, I took a look at the path Sam and Dean have traveled. Guess which state hosted the most monsters?

Congratulations to Illinois! Then there goes South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Colorado, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Minnesota and California. The supernatural communities, be them spirits, creatures, mutants, psychics, witches, demons, angels or gods, definitely share taste in choosing playgrounds.

Click here to play with the interactive map:

I’m aware that there are a few fictional towns in the show. Coordinates are selected from the first result returned by Google Maps, so, if a circle falsely falls on your neighborhood, don’t panic! Corrections welcomed.

I am also aware that my lines between cities show shortcuts rather than actual trips. But you see, the brothers don’t always drive; they travel in time, in dream, in spirit forms; they have been zapped here and there by angels, demons and god himself. No such data is available as far as I know. Though I’d love to, watching the 5 seasons all over again is not in my short-term plan.

Data source: The Supernatural Wiki, Google Maps
Tools used: Google Maps API

11 Replies to “A Very Supernatural Map of United States”

  1. Thank you, SO MUCH!!

    I had a guest check into the hotel, home city was Ypsilanti, Michigan. And it was bugging me because I couldn’t remember what happened there, but the name stuck out really bad.

    This totally helped. ^_^ Thank you so much! *thieves the map*

  2. Hey, just letting you know, this map is awesome, except Richmond TX, from season 1 episode 17 or something, its not in north texas, its closer to the gulf, right outside of Houston actually, its basically a suburb.

  3. My town was featured in an episode but isnt on any of the supernatural maps I’ve seen.

    Wilkes Barre, PA was featured in the episode Everyone Hates Hitler, Season 8 Episode 13.

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