Xiaoji Chen (陈晓霁) is now an user experience designer at Microsoft. Prior to this job she has worked at MIT’s Senseable City Lab. She has a master of science degree in Design and Computation from MIT, bachelor and master’s degrees in architecture from Tsinghua University, as well as a strong background in computer science. Her research interest is computational design, information graphics, interaction design and new media technology’s impact on cities.

Her recent projects look into (1) innovative ways to visualize massive data of transportation, communication, environment and health; (2) the impact of data visualization on mental models and public behavioral pattern; (3) building tools and platforms to enhance productivity and insight through visualization.

US Patents
US-2012-0159298-A1: Generating Customized Data Bound Visualizations, 2010

Health Infoscape
GE /Fast Company “Infographic of the Day” /Scientific American / WIRED UK

Live Singapore!
2011 Singapore Art Museum /Senseable City Lab

The Connected States of America
2011 TIME Magazine /New York Times

Redrawing the Boundary of Great Britain from Human Networks
2011 PLoS, the Economist, BBC /Senseable City Lab

Copenhagen Wheel
2009 UN Climate Summit, Copenhagen /Senseable City Lab

XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture, Turin /Tsinghua University, Turin Politech

China Pavillion
2010 World Expo, Shanghai /Teamminus Studio

JAD International Design Competition

4th place@2007 Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design Competition China division

Intelligent Bionic Robot
1st prize@China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest

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  1. I’m an Italian mathematician and I found your posts really interesting. I hope You will keep going on!

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